Ana Linares is a photographer who
lived in NYC for 14 years and now
travels around the globe with a home
base between NY and Miami.

During her time in NYC she worked as
a product designer and was awarded
numerous design recognitions by the
MoMA and exhibited her work in many
major design venues around the world.


Prior to pursuing her dream of being a
full-time photographer, she worked for
Ralph Lauren Home in NYC. Ana now focuses
on travel photography for magazines
and lifestyle photography for fashion
labels based in NYC.




An Origin Story…

One sunny morning in CDMX, my dear friend Tim and I found ourselves down the rabbit hole of one Luis Barragán courtyard after another. Swimming in color, light, and shadow, we spent hours taking photo after photo of each other, never wanting to let the moment go. A month later we found ourselves lost amongst the vibrant façades of Havana. While photographing the supple side of a pair of saints perched in an alley window, having constantly finding ourselves surrounded by sights and sounds and smells and everything artisanal, it hit us: we had to share these moments with the rest of the world; to make the photos come to life. It was by these moments that we were inspired to celebrate the craft and quality of artisans along our travels and bring them to you here, and deliver them to your home.

Photo Nov 26, 10 35 49 PM.jpg